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To arrange a Baptism, please call us on 07769   966484


Baptism is the point at which any person, adult or child, becomes part of the Christian Church. When an adult is baptized it is a point of declaration of belief and a commitment to a life of faith and service in the church of Jesus Christ.

Young children are not able to make that commitment so parents take vows before God on their behalf that they will “teach their child the love of God and that they will bring their child up in the life and worship of the church.”

The hope is that in due course, and of his or her own free will, their child will confirm the promises made on her or his behalf and make a personal commitment.

Baptisms at St George’s

Unfortunately we are only able to perform services of baptism for those who either live in Thornton Hough, Raby or Raby Mere, or who attend worship at St George’s regularly, or who have a significant contact with the church, for example those who were married at St George’s United Reformed Church.

Many of our wedding couples return to St George’s when they are ready for their childrent o be Baptized. Even couples who have moved from the area often return for Baptism, including friends who have moved abroad. Baptisms are normally held during a second service on Sundays.


Frequently asked questions about Baptism

When a new baby arrives families and friends want to celebrate the miracle of a new life, and so they should. Very often they also wish to bring their new child to church to be baptised – or as it often called    “christened” – and it is right that they should give thanks to God for the gift of a new life. But Baptism is very much more than giving thanks and publicly giving baby its name.

Who comes to a Baptism service?

Normally this is an occasion for immediate family and close friends and those who have agreed to take on the responsibility of being a godparent.

When are services held?

Baptisms and Blessings are usually held as part of a worship service on a Sunday morning by arrangement with the Minister. The most usual time is 12.30 and the child’s parents are asked to participate in the planning of the service.

 Is it essential to have Godparents?

It is part of the responsibility of the church to help parents bring up their children as Christians, but often parents also wish to choose members of their family or friends to act as Godparents. Being chosen to be a godparent is always regarded as an honour but it does carry a responsibility. Godparents take vows in the Baptism service “to support the parents in every way that they are able” and that obviously includes helping them to keep the vows that they have made. The choice and number of godparents is yours, but obviously those being given this honour as a matter of preference should have an active faith themselves.

Is there an alternative to a Baptism?

Some people feel either that they cannot honestly make the vows of Baptism or that Baptism should be reserved for later in life when their child can make his or her own promises. We therefore have an alternative to Baptism which is a service of Blessing.